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Did you think that internet filtering is only needed for children? Unfortunately, the necessity for internet filters amongst adults is extremely prevalent in today’s. In fact, most internet filters now come with extra settings for people fighting temptation by themselves. These people appreciate that even though they might be tempted to see that kind of content, it is still detrimental to them. Thus the filter prevents the person from viewing content he doesn’t really want to see but yet can’t control himself.

Until now, I have been a great fan of K9 web protection filtering. As web designers in London we spend a lot of time on the computer and need a good filter. I installed the system on my computer and my wife and I both supplied half of the password without knowing the other half. Should anyone of us need to override the filter, it would require the other half’s presence. Of course, as some have reported this does not always work.

K9 Filter: Sorry, http://www.over18sOnly.com is blocked!

Conniving husband: “Darling, I can’t get in over here, it’s very important for work. Can you come and put in your password”?

Naive wife: “Sure thing, one moment. What a silly filter, doesn’t even let you work properly”!

Happy husband: “Yeah, yeah, but it’s worth it. I am happy to be disturbed for the sake of good filtering.”

Proud wife: beams, goes to make him a fresh cake for being so loyal!

Naughty husband: Continues browsing unfiltered, with the fresh smell of cake wafting in through the closed study door.

Hopefully this sort of scenario isn’t very common and husbands are a bit more loyal than that! Regardless, the problem with this approach is because the content is never accessible to the person, he never learns how to stay away from temptation. Inevitably he will be in front of an unfiltered internet and he will probably give in. Is there a way that a person can learn how to safely browse the net unfiltered?


An increasingly well-known solution to internet abuse is internet accountability software, most famously Covenant Eyes. One installs the system that monitors and records which words are being typed on the computer and what websites are being surfed. The system then emails the data to the partner specified at installation time. Thus, any person tempted to go to +18 content will know that his partner will know exactly what he has been up to. This alone is the biggest deterrence and is a lot more effective than a filter.

The trick is finding a suitable partner. The partner must be someone who you will be embarrassed from if they knew you had abused the net. But what happens if you can’t find a suitable partner? Not everyone has friends or partners that have the time to read monitoring reports.

I have recently discovered the perfect answer to finding the perfect partner. Guard Your Eyes is a Jewish Charity set up to help people literally guard their eyes from seeing +18 content. They, like Covenant Eyes, were among the first to recognise that just because people do abuse the net, doesn’t mean they really want to. They are experts in internet filtering and accountability and advise people on the solution just for them. Read more about what they do at their website.

Some people wrote them saying that they would join if only they had that elusive partner. Their response was the free KBA internet monitoring system. Basically they utilise the Covenant Eyes software and they will receive the usage report, and if they see that +18 content has been accessed, they will bill your credit card an amount to be paid as a tax deductible donation. (The money goes toward supporting the charity itself!) This then is just as good as a partner because the person knows the browsing could cost him 100 bucks or so. Moreover, the person learns that even though it is possible to see unfiltered content at the click of a button, he has the power to choose not to. He now stands a chance when put in front of an unmonitored computer!

Of course, there is no need to tell your accountant the whole story.

Curious accountant: “I see a $100 payment on your statement this month. Made out to Internet Filtering LTD. What’s that about?”

Slick client: “Oh that, yeah, I gave them a donation to carry on their good work, I must confess that I don’t really understand the necessity for an internet filter but I’m sure there are others that could benefit from it! “.

Impressed accountant: looks up at him with respect

Relieved client: meets his eye, winks and says modestly, “it was nothing!”

Their system is free and targeted at helping the Jewish community, but they should be happy to offer anyone their service.

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