FreeAgent Discount Code – 44xjh975 – Get 10% Off Now

Hi guys, As an IT contractor, there is only really one option to use for accounting software and that is FreeAgent. It is customised for IT contractors and allows hours to be billed separately for different clients and amounts. DISCOUNT CODE: 44xjh975 Use this code to get yourself a 10% discount when signing up. Or even easier, […]

How Hostgator will ruin your SEO

Today my web-host Hostgator ruined my SEO campaign. Killed it more likely. Unless I was targeting the keywords “Account Suspended” in which case I was coming up first in Google. I had already seen Yoast’s negative Hostgator review but had always assumed it wouldnt happen to me. Well it did, and worse still! I registered […]

How to stop WordPress comment spam & forum spam

This post is for webmasters that are suffering from comment spam on their websites, blogs and forums! So,  you have reached that stage that all bloggers must deal with at some point. How to stop the myriad spam comments that get shot at websites every single day. WordPress blogs and forums like PhPBB and vBulletin […]

Massive Social Media Facebook Mistakes – True Hilarious Story

I bet you’ve never yet heard of someone who actually destroyed their entire business via facebook. Well, there is first time for everything. Meet Amy, from Amy’s Baking Company who (runs or at least ran) a restaurant that has been featured in world famous British chef Gordon Ramsay’s show Kitchen Nightmares. Suffice it to say, […]

Free email accounts – Very handy Gmail tips

I am sure I am not alone in saying that I have many times been in need of an extra email account. For example, say you re-discovered a website that you had already registered to. Something like Facebook perhaps. Now, say you want to create a new account with them and start again but you […]

LinkedIn Url – How to make a LinkedIn custom url

Just a small but extremely valuable tip for search engine optimisation! A URL is the web address of a page, this is the link you see at the top in your address bar. A  linkedin URL therefore is your personal web address for your profile! This is the link you would use to direct social media […]

Internet monitoring software – Pay money to an accountability partner

Did you think that internet filtering is only needed for children? Unfortunately, the necessity for internet filters amongst adults is extremely prevalent in today’s. In fact, most internet filters now come with extra settings for people fighting temptation by themselves. These people appreciate that even though they might be tempted to see that kind of […]