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Whether you're a small business or an online store, Pixeleague is fully capable of catering to your specific needs. We are a Web Design Company in London that can really help your business succeed.

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Front End Features
  • Easy to use website interfaces

    Easy to use website interfaces

    As nicely styled as a web page must be, nothing is as important as making the page easy for the user to navigate. It wouldn't help things if there was a beautiful font and color scheme used on all of the text if the user cannot tell in an instant which text are links. We keep the site very clean and understandable thereby making the browsing experience much more inviting.

    Take a look at our sites that we have built and see how long it takes you to figure out where the menu is and what the most important feature in the site is. Our website designers make sure that you have no problem at all navigating the site.
  • Corporate identity graphics

    Corporate identity graphics

    Corporate identity is about maintaining the same theme throughout your company. For example, if your website was built on a black and cream color, then you would want your logo and your advertisements looking like that as well.

    Of course, this goes way beyond just colors. If your advertisement conveys a happy bright look, then you need to make sure that your website and logo do so too. This ensures that customers remember your company when ever they see your theme or logo.
  • Interactive fluid animations

    Interactive fluid animations

    Perhaps you like the way the links on this page jump out slowly when you scroll over them? Perhaps you like this custom dialog box? Having a fluid design makes for a much more organised website and here is why.

    Imagine you want a greeting to appear to the user but only after five seconds. A fluid design would wait until it is ready to gradually drop the greeting and then animate it into the page. Of course, many browsers have a read more option which when clicked displays the rest. But we go that one step further animating the content into existence instead of it just appearing suddenly as if it forgot it was supposed to be there.
  • Instant responsive actions

    Instant responsive actions

    AJAX (the name of this feature) in short is the ability to perform queries without refreshing the page. For example, say you had a registration form where people could sign up to a feature you offer on your site. The user would then have to fill in a username text field. Upon submission the user's application might be refused because the username had already been taken.

    What we do is as soon as the user finishes typing in his requested username, even before he clicks submit we query the database checking if that username already exists and if it does we display an error immediately. The happy user can then choose another username without submitting the form making the browsing experience altogether much easier.
  • Powerful artistic designs

    Powerful artistic designs

    Having a beautiful design is one of the most important features for most sites. Most users tend to judge a business by the appearance of its website. Is it sleek, fast and professional giving off the impression of a company who knows what they are doing or is it boring, old school style and perhaps the user would be wiser to seek help elsewhere.

    Our graphic designers are highly creative and are extremely skilled at digital graphics. Check out our portfolio to get a glimpse of the creativity and ideas and yet money-wise still recieve cheap website design.
  • Friendly links for SEO

    Friendly links for SEO

    Having a friendly URL (webpage address) is vital for a website's success. A common scenario for a lot of websites nowadays(, especially ones that have dynamic content and need to point to a specific article ID in order to reference that article) use URLs that look something like this: This however is unfriendly and terrible for search engine recognition. This is because Google (amongst others) ranks pages heavily based on their URL content. So a page that talks about hunting in Africa will not be given much weight for someone searching for the words 'Hunting In Africa' if the URL doesn't reflect that. True, Google realises that the topic is mentioned in your page, but how should Google know if the searcher is looking for a page that only mentions that topic? We rewrite the URL's to give Google something like this: Now when someone searches on Google for 'Hunting In Africa', Google says "I know a page which is just about hunting in Africa, in fact it's URL shows that this is exactly what it is about, this page will definitely please this searcher". And so with our clever URL rewriting, your pages are highly more likely to appear in search results, something that every website strives for.
  • Quick loading pages

    Quick loading pages

    Have you ever been on a popular site and it literally takes at least 10 seconds for all of the content and images to load? Caching is the process of telling the user's browser to remember the content served up for next time. This saves a lot of loading time for the next time a page is loaded.
  • Clear navigation

    Clear navigation

    Site navigation exists on every site that has more then one page. It is a clear list of links that inform the user (and search engines) how to get around the site. Without it users wouldn't be able to browse around your site.

    We arrange for the site navigation to remain clear wherever a user is on the site and that the appropriate links that he would expect to see appear before him clearly.
Back End Features
  • Add or change content whenever you want

    Add or change content whenever you want

    What is a CMS (Content Management System)? A CMS is an in-built application that allows the administrator of a site to perform actions on the site. For example say you had a website where you displayed customers testimonials of just how great your service is. You then told your web designer to upload them to the Internet. What happens when you want to add some more testimonials to the site. Going to the web designer and getting him to edit the site each time is costly and bothersome.

    A CMS would offer the admin of a site the option of adding testimonials automatically online, the whole thing taking about 10 seconds. This is incomparably superior to manually updating it every time.
  • Automatic email forwarding/management

    Automatic email forwarding/management

    Email has always seemed very easy, hasn't it. You sign up for Gmail and you are up and running. But having a business email address at your website is not at all easy to set up. We offer full email management utilising complicated features such as Email Forwarding and False Email Addresses to safely create a backed up professional looking email address.
  • Upgrade old sites to make them editable

    Upgrade old sites to make them editable

    Stuck with a website that needs sprucing up? Perhaps you want to change your static site into a CMS where you can edit and add things online to it? We offer upgrade services to almost any existing website.
  • Succeed at getting displayed on Google

    Succeed at getting displayed on Google

    Scoring well on Google is essential to your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). We employ a few well tested methods which will give your website a high chance at succeeding on Google.

    Now, why don't you go over to Google and search for the term Need An Eitzah, a website we built with our own custom software? Notice the way Google expands the site into many links making it easy for users to find what they are looking for before they even click on your site. Needless to say, Google only does this with websites that they consider well built and easy for Google to understand. So if you are looking to shine on the Web, you have come to the right place.
  • Accept credit cards with an online store

    Accept credit cards with an online store

    E-commerce is the term used to describe financial transactions on the internet. You can have a store that can display thousands of products all easily manageable from an admin screen. Included is the setup of credit card acceptance during Checkout and all other e-commerce requirements.
  • 30 days grace period for small tweaks

    30 days grace period for small tweaks

    After a site is complete there can be small changes that a client would like to make to the site. We offer a 30 day free grace period to make small tweaks to the site after its completion.
  • Customer support by email and phone

    Customer support by email and phone

    Everyone needs help sometimes and no doubt you will too. We offer both email and phone support so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands should anything go wrong.
  • Google Analytics to review your traffic

    Google Analytics to review your traffic

    Google Analytics is a free application offered by Google for webmasters to take a look at how their site is fairing. It is extremely powerful and can be really useful in showing what about your site makes it successful and what not. We offer Google Analytics already set up for you so that you can just login and see all the information for yourself. We can also instruct you as how to get the most from it.

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